Fans of Big Bang’s Seungri and J-Pop artist May J., are sure to enjoy their upcoming collaboration. Seungri and May J. will be covering Shin Seung-hoon’s famous ballad “I Believe” together as a duo.

The Japanese cover of “I Believe,” will be listed in May J.’s upcoming original ballad album “Love Ballad,” which will be out on October 23.

“I thought Seungri’s clear high-pitched voice would make a nice harmony with mine. So I offered the collaboration to Seungri making the tune enjoyable for Korean fans. I heard that the song is one of the Seungri’s favorite songs, which made me even more delighted,” said May J. Seungri added that they worked hard to make their sure their vocals harmonized nicely and he hopes his Japanese fans will appreciate this collaboration.

“I Believe,” the acoustic ballad on the soundtrack of the Korean hit comedy My Sassy Girl, will be the second collaboration of the two singers. The first collaboration they worked on was the song “I Know,” originally sung by Seungri and Korean solo artist IU. The Japanese version by Seungri and May J. is on Seungri’s Japanese solo debut record LET’S TALK ABOUT LOVE.