Next month, several new albums will be released including one by 20-year-old idol IU, T-ara, and Nine Muses.

Media reports in Seoul say IU will release her third album “Modern Times,” on October 7. The 13-track album features two of her own singles titled “Voice Mail” and “A Day I Hate, the Korea Herald Reports.” She has also recently released a teaser clip of one of the new singles titled “Between the Lips (50 cm).”

Meanwhile, T-ara is returning with a new album “T-ara’s Effect,” on October 10. The teaser for the first single of the new album’s MV will be released on September 25th and is said to be shot in the desert. T-ara will also go to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia for a concert on September 21st, along with labelmates Davichi, SPEED, and The Seeya.

Nine Muses, who came on the scene three years ago, will release their maiden studio album sometime next month. In January, Nine Muses released the comeback single “Dolls” and moved into the top ten list of several local real-time charts. Up next came the electro-pop follow-up single “Wild,” along with the accompanying EP in May.