Tiffany of SNSD

I am sure you have seen numerous photos of Kpop stars taking pictures of just their faces. Maybe you yourself have also done this as well!  Did you know that there is actually a term for these types of photographs? The term “selca” is a combination of the words “self” and “camera,”  and was originally coined by Koreans to describe someone taking a picture of themself.  There are many techniques that go into taking a good selca. The camera must be positioned at an ideal distance, while at the same time you take into account which angles of your face will produce the most attractive shot. Selcas are also often taken with the additional peace sign next to the face. This creates the illusion of a smaller looking face, which is an ideal trait for Koreans. Angling the face in a way to make the eyes appear larger than usual to create a more youthful looking face is also a popular notion in taking selcas. It takes time to find the best angles of your face to get a decent photo, but with enough practice you’ll be on your way to becoming an expert!  Why don’t you give it a try? Have fun!