One of the biggest B-boy competitions is happening in Seoul, South Korea! On November 30, 16 of the top B-boys from all over the world will compete at the World Finals. This is the tenth year that the Red Bull BC One competition will be held, the first one having been held in Biel, Switzerland in 2004.

B-boys from over 90 city and country Cyphers (a circle of people gathered around competing B-Boys) competed in these preliminary rounds to get to the regional level. From the regional level, winners move on to compete with the past winners from the previous Red Bull BC One competitions.

Breakdancing, or B-boying originated in New York City in the 1970s. DJs and MCs would include a “break,” an instrumental loop during the middle of a song where they would be able to show off their breakdance moves. Ever since then, breakdancing has become a popular form of dance spreading worldwide. Breakdancing became popular in Korea in the late 1990s when Korean American John Jay Chon sent a video to some Korean dancers. Since then, Korea has been at the top of the B-boying world, placing at the top of some of the biggest world competitions.

File:Art of Movement.jpg

B-boying has even reached Korean entertainment. Korean-American music artist Jay Park got his start in performing and dancing as a B-boy with his crew, Art of Movement (AOM) in the United States. Currently, Jay and his crew work closely together performing and using their talents to create music and videos for their fans. To Jay the members of his crew are more than just dancers; they’re his brothers and family.

Attempting some of these moves at home is not advised because they can be dangerous without proper training, but the closest alternative is watching the competition online! The Red Bull BC One competition will be streamed live so be sure to tune in if you enjoy innovative footwork, spins, and more!