Girls’ Generation is on a streak of success with their hit single, “I Got a Boy!”

Time magazine’s list of top 10 songs for 2013 ranked “I Got a Boy” as #5. Among the other songs that made it to the list were Lorde’s “Royals,” Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky,” and the viral cover of “Cups,” sung by Anna Kendrick.

“I Got a Boy” was released on January 1 of 2013 and had amassed over 79 million views on YouTube. The song’s upbeat tempo with a sprinkle of catchy English lyrics complement the video’s explosion of fun and bright colors.

With the initial release of the video, many fans of Girls’ Generation were skeptical of the new concept of their single. However, watching the music video over a few times allowed fans a second chance to appreciate the new musical style of Girls’ Generation.

KPOP has seen a boom within the last few years. What started off as a sensation in Asia has grown into a worldwide fanbase.

Every mention of KPOP in mainstream American culture and media has not only helped KPOP to grow, but to show how one tiny country can stand its ground and measure up to Western pop culture.

Let’s hope 2014 brings even greater success to KPOP worldwide!

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