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Taeyang’s performance in San Francisco on November 26 was a big highlight for his fans in the Bay Area and America. At 5 p.m., the line stretched around the corner as eager fans dressed in all white waited in the cold. At 8pm the doors to the historic Bimbo’s 365 club finally opened to mark the beginning of an eventful night.

DJ Choice37 opened for Taeyang spinning hit songs such as G-Dragon’s “Crayon” and “One of a Kind.”

The lights dimmed as fans anticipated to see Taeyang in person. Out of the darkness, Taeyang lit up the stage dressed in white with his platinum blonde “Taehawk” hair matching the theme for the night. His band broke out in full energy as Taeyang danced and sang “Superstar” and glided right into “Break Down.” He slowed the pace with an acoustic version of “I Need A Girl” and midway through, switched over to the original R&B version. As an unexpected treat, Taeyang gave his fans a full preview of one of his new tracks from his upcoming album, “1AM.” “1AM” was a surprising mix of urban pop and hip hop and it is a possibility that it will be his next single. Taeyang’s newest single “Ringa Linga,” appropriately closed the set list. The live band provided a high energy rock feel and the electric guitar adlibs were a great addition to the bridge of the song.

Much to everyone’s surprise, Taeyang left the stage after only performing six songs. The original set list was too short to fill everyone’s quota of Taeyang. As the audience cheered him back on stage, Taeyang came back and started off the encore with his solo rendition of Big Bang hits “Bad Boy” and “Fantastic Baby.” Even two additional songs weren’t enough for the audience who wanted more. Taeyang came out again and took to the audience for song requests. With more energy, he shined even brighter with an improved performance the second time around of I Need A Girl, Superstar, Ringa Linga and Only Look At Me. Fans kept requesting one of Taeyang’s most popular songs, “Wedding Dress,” and even though he did not have the track prepared, he stayed loyal to the request. He performed a brief acoustic version as his band caught on to provide a light instrumental background.

All tickets to see Taeyang were won by eager and dedicated fans who kept the energy flowing throughout the night. There was never a dull moment as they showed their love for him through customized hand-made posters, glowing yellow Big Bang light sticks, phone pictures and videos and singing along to his songs.

Compared to gigantic stadiums, the relatively small club venue was an advantage to the fans as they were able to interact with Taeyang on a more personal and up close experience. Throughout the night, he conversed with his fans in English and they replied with great enthusiasm. Taeyang displayed his true skills as a performer as he lit up the stage with his presence. He was able to feed off the energy of his fans and vice versa. Even though live performances cannot be perfect, Taeyang’s live raw vocals displayed his passion as an artist.

At the end of the night, mayor Evan Low of Campbell, CA presented Taeyang with a certificate to honor him on behalf of San Francisco. Taeyang performing in San Francisco was an unforgettable night to forget. There will always be room for more Taeyang in the future and fans definitely won’t be disappointed if he decides to come back!

If you want to relive or missed out on the concert, you can watch the whole show here at MTV Iggy’s Music Experiment site!

Music Experiment with Taeyang