As we look back on 2013, we at 24HR KPOP TV have made a list of our staff picks for music videos that came out this year. From emotional ballads, smooth R&B, colorful uptempo pop and everything in between, there is something for everybody. Music start!

임창정 (Im Chang Jung) – 문을 여시오 (Open the Door)

This hilarious video with it’s cheesy dance moves and trot inspired sound will brighten your day! Im Chang Jung’s stern expression makes troublemakers around Korea think twice before messing with him. U-KISS and Super Junior’s Heechul both make a special guest appearance as well!

2AM – One Spring Day

Have you ever tried to erase memories of someone you once loved? If you answered yes, “One Spring Day” is a ballad that you might relate to. The beautiful cinematography and the emotional singing from all of the members tie in nicely with the story of a man’s fond memories of a girl he once loved.

Girls’ Generation – I Got a Boy

This amazingly colorful and upbeat video about falling in love with a boy caught the attention of even non K-pop listeners. From winning Video of the Year at the YouTube Music Awards to making it in Time’s Top 10 Songs of 2013, the girls have had a great year sharing their catchy tune with fans worldwide.

SHINee – Everybody

From the dubstep inspired instrumental background to the dance that was recognized by Billboard as one of the best choreographed pieces of 2013, this will sure to get “everybody” up on their feet. Wind-up toys? Check. Awesome penguin-like walk? Check. Aside from the dance moves, the fashionable military outfits also add a nice spark to this energetic video.

Taeyang – Ringa Linga

Taeyang did not disappoint with his new solo single. The beginning first few seconds of the piano riff instantly grabs your attention and the sharp and on point choreography brought this video to life. Wouldn’t it be awesome to party until the sun rises with Taeyang and his crew in an abandoned warehouse lit with fluorescent lights?

AOA – Confused

”Confused” is a story that has been around since the beginning of time; when the boy disregards the girl who isn’t sure if she still loves him. In the end, she ends up so much stronger without him. The rich music track has a groove that makes you get up out of your seat and dance, and the strong vocals and unique rap performance perfectly showcase their natural vocal abilities.

Miss A – Hush

This romantic song is shrouded within dark and mysterious locations. With the simple yet powerful choreography, the girls of Miss A have mastered the art of seduction. Only they have the power to bring the boys out into an abandoned subway car, underground bathroom, empty grocery store and ancient mansion.

G-Dragon – 삐딱하게 (Crooked)

G-Dragon did an awesome job rapping in this Sex Pistol’s inspired music video. He brings to life the feelings of a devastating heartbreak. You see him out of control, running and jumping every which way, and not giving a care in the world to anything at all. As always, GD brings his unique sense of fashion to his music and rocks everything from a blue suit to an oversized feathery coat.

범키(BUMKEY) feat. Dynamic Duo – 갖고놀래 (Attraction)

This R&B jam with smooth vocals and rap are the perfect combination with the story of a man attempting to woo a woman. To put the cherry on top of everything, of course there has to be the annoying friend and a special appearance of clowns to make this task even harder than it already is!

케이윌 (K.Will) – 촌스럽게 왜 이래 (You Don’t Know Love)

In a relationship, it can be hard to get along and see eye to eye with each other. Sometimes it gets to the point where you decide to throw all the objects that remind you of your significant other into a box and place it in the woods. This cute and relatable video will surely make you smile. We can’t spoil anything but please watch until the ending!

B1A4 – 이게 무슨 일이야 (What’s Happening?)

“What’s up, what’s up, tell me, tell me, what’s up!” What’s up with B1A4 is that they are stuck in multiple colorful diorama rooms while their girlfriend is acting suspiciously – uh oh. With all the drama aside, this is a very addicting song that also shows a cheery and fun side to B1A4.

Speed – 슬픈약속 (That’s My Fault) feat. Kang Min Kyung, It’s Over feat. Park Bo Young

Grab your tissue box before watching these videos! These drama music videos take place during the Gwangju Massacre. “That’s My Fault” features rapping segments that illustrate a man’s broken heart and the female vocal segments mirror the same feelings. The drama continues in the second video with “It’s Over,” illustrating an inevitable heartbreak and wraps up with the somber lyrics of “That’s My Fault.”

B.A.P – Coffee Shop

This soothing tune seems fitting for a small and cozy cafe. The lyrics paint a story of a boy who is reminiscing about a girl he was once with and the coffee shop they used to go to. The locations in this video were filmed in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York City and Washington D.C. while on their Verizon APAHM tour. See if you can spot the seagull at the docks in San Francisco!