Teen Top will be coming to the Bay Area! As part of their High Kick World Tour, Teen Top will be performing for their fans in San Jose at the City National Civic on March 28. In addition to San Jose, they will make stops in Dallas, Los Angeles, New York City and Toronto for the North American leg of their High Kick tour.

The six-member group consists of  C.A.P,  Chunji,  L. Joe,  Niel, Ricky, and Changjo. Although some members are not in their teens anymore, they still give off a charismatic and youthful vibe. They debuted in 2010 and have since released catchy tunes that include  “향수뿌리 지마 (No More Perfume On You)“ and “Rocking (장난아냐).”

Teen Top’s High Kick North American Tour dates were made possible by Krowdpop, a crowdsourcing site for K-pop concerts developed by KPOP UNITED. To get a concert “krowdpopped,” fans request K-pop artists to come perform in their city. When there are enough requests for a certain city, a crowdfunding campaign will start. For the concert to happen, a certain funding goal must be met by a specific date.

Krowdpop is a win-win situation for both the fans and concert promoters; fans have the power to bring their favorite artists to perform in their city and promoters have a greater chance of a successful concert.



For San Jose Teen Top concert tickets from Krowdpop click here.

NOTE: Tickets will be sold by AXS on March 14.

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