kpop world festival

On July 19 the regional KPOP World Festival contest was held in Palo Alto and Min from KPOP-TV was one of the judges!. Winners of this contest can go on to compete in the 2014 KBS World KPOP contest in Changwon South Korea.

KPOP-TV News was there to bring this exciting event to you. Tune in to KPOP-TV every day to see one of the performances together with exclusive behind the scenes interviews and to vote for your favorite contestant on our website!

We will be airing the entire one and a half hour show four times on Saturday July 26 at 4am, 10am, 4pm, and 10pm. Remember you NEED an antenna to see this exclusive broadcast we are not on cable or satellite.

You can ALSO see the entire show on our website. Just click on ‘Watch KPOP-TV Now‘.

Also enjoy performances by special guests, the encore performances, and the award ceremony on our website!