Hanbok is the ubiquitous Korean traditional clothing. You have probably seen this type of dress in historical Korean dramas. Koreans wear Hanbok during special  occasions such as weddings and holidays.

A Hanbok is a two- piece outfit.  Women wear a jeogori (jacket) and a chima (high waisted skirt called) paired with beoseon (white cotton socks) and traditional boat shoes. Men also wear a jeogori,  but it is worn with baji (trousers), durumagi (overcoat), and paired with a hat and belt.

Currently there have been new modern designs of Hanbok. These are easier to wear and wash, and some are even eco- friendly. There are even Korean fashion designers that specialize in high-end Hanbok designs.

Coming up is the Korean Traditional Dress Fashion Show, which is presented by the Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in San Francisco.  KPOP-TV will be there to cover this event happening on November 8!  This fashion show is sure to be a unique and educational experience.