Here are some of our favorite music videos that came out in 2014. Enjoy!


It doesn’t matter if you understand the lyrics or not, just get off your chair and dance!

Like a Cat (사뿐사뿐) –  AOA

The girls of AOA channel their inner cat in this creative storyline. Remember to keep your valuables safe or AOA might break into your house in the middle of the night to take your diamonds!

Back Seat- JYJ

The video says it all. ‘Nuff said.

Mr. Chu (미스터 츄)- A Pink

What’s not to like? This song became an instant hit when it was released in March, reaching number one on nine music charts! It is fun, upbeat, and we love Eunji!

Danger (괴도)- Taemin

We loved that song when we first heard it and we love it even more every following time. A machine gun guitar? How is that not awesome?

Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms (봄,사랑,벚꽃 말고)- High4 and IU

The creative paper pop-up city sets this music video apart from others. The voices of IU and the guys of High4 blend effortlessly.  It’s so hard to stop watching!

Touch My Body (터치 마이 바디)- Sistar

A perfect summer in Korea involves blasting this song on the way to the beach, with an impromptu dance party with friends! Also, who wouldn’t like seeing the girls shake their body like that?

Love Toxic (사랑에 빠져)- Royal Pirates

This video strays away from the usual dance routine and flashy colors usually seen in K-pop videos. The classic black and white video sets a mysterious feel as band member Moon attempts to woo a girl.

Holler- TaeTiSeo

Tiffany’s smiling eyes. Hooray for eye smiles and another catchy tune from the girls!

Red Light- f(x)

Coming back with a different image and a strong sound, f(x) makes us like this video for all the right reasons. The cinematography is killer as well.

You Don’t Love Me -SPICA

The retro vibe along with powerful vocals makes this video fun and entertaining to watch. We’ve also heard that they wore butt pads during one of the scenes!

Solo Day- B1A4

Did you know this video was shot in California? The carefree vibe makes you want to sit back in the sun and enjoy time with friends.

Error- VIXX

As futuristic robots, the members of VIXX create a robot version of the girl they love. There is a twist to this plot! Find out after watching the video!

I’m Fine, Thank You- Ladies’ Code

This heartfelt video is a tribute to members EunB and RiSe. Although EunB and RiSe have left this world, we will remember the group as five talented ladies.