If you’re reading this, you probably have a good idea of what K-pop is and the incredible phenomena of which it became over the past few years.

K-pop, as you know, is one of the biggest industries in the Korean market and boasts as one of the biggest money generators in the country.  With a combination of catchy melodies, beautiful idols, and addictive music videos, K-pop captures its audiences through a brilliantly orchestrated collection of pop culture. Talent agencies all over the country invest millions of dollars every year to train these idols in dancing, singing, and many other forms of entertainment skills.

But did you know? One of the biggest factors of K-pop success is its dancing and choreography. Part of K-pop’s massive growth in popularity was due to dance covers being uploaded by fans all around the world. With it’s easy-to-learn routines and it’s fun and upbeat numbers, K-pop followers across the globe were inebriated with the choreography and immediately began to learn. Many dancing enthusiasts began to form K-pop dance groups.  Groups such as INSPIRIT, Waveya, and Dazzling uploaded videos via YouTube, garnering them a massive following, as well as furthering the popularity in K-pop.

kpoptv dance24hrkpop team in the studio during their very first KPOP dance session.

But as easy as some of the routines are to learn, not all of them are so basic. With a combination of hip-hop, jazz, pop, and all sorts of techniques, K-pop can be arguably one of the harder styles to learn. But does that mean you couldn’t learn it if you didn’t have experience dancing?  No, of course not! If you are interested in learning how to dance K-pop, you are in luck!

KPOP-TV, as a public service, will be promoting various dance classes that teach K-pop.  It wasn’t until recently that dance studios, from the Bay Area in particular, began teaching K-pop. We here at 24hr KPOP-TV appreciate what they’re doing. If you want to be on the forefront of learning the most trendy dance moves, stay tuned to our channel and check our website regularly!  We will be posting dance moves, broken down step-by-step, and teaching you, the viewer, how to dance just like your favorite stars in no time.

If you know of dance studios that teach K-pop at 24hr KPOP-TV, let us know!