K-pop is growing more and more popular with each passing day. With it’s catchy melodies and addictive music videos, an increasing number of audiences all over the world are getting in tune with our favorite stars. Whether it be big names such as G-Dragon to less known names such as Basick, Korean pop culture is continually hitting the international stage! And speaking of international, it’s no secret that some of our most beloved idols are not from Korea. In fact, many very famous K-pop artists are from our very own country!

As you may well know, K-pop falls into many genres of music, particularly the genres that are most popular at the moment. Whether it be hip hop, pop, edm, or rock, K-pop blends all of the previous mentioned genres into one beautiful array of sounds. And perhaps that is why K-pop is so popular! K-pop spread internationally like a wildfire, and only grew as the years went on.

And with its popularity, people everywhere began to sing along to its tunes and dance to its music. We can all remember when K-pop hit the international realm. Fans participated in competitions, uploaded covers onto YouTube, and trained themselves in dancing and singing to have a shot at being the next K-pop idols. Moments like when we first heard Jay Park speak English or when Lydia Paek announced she was working at YG Entertainment were unforgettable. Seeing Bernard Park and Sam Kim make the finals on SBS’s K-pop Star filled us with a sense of pride and affection. Artists from all over our country, and the world, are beginning to join the K-pop stage!

bernard park K-Pop Star

Bernard Park, winner of K-pop Star Season 3.

Some artists that you may be familiar with, but had no idea they weren’t native Koreans may just be your next bias! In the next few articles, we will reveal to you K-pop fans some artists that you may or may not have known are from other countries! Stay tuned and updated on our channel and website! We have lots of exciting news to share with you all.