The year is ending and, as usual, many holidays are coming close! What’s the nearest and biggest holiday coming up in Korea? It’s Pepero Day!

pepero sticks

Delicious homemade Pepero sticks and cute designs.

       It’s that time of the year again. Korea’s national Pepero Day (빼빼로데이) celebrates a day where boys and girls all over the country share and confess their feelings with each other! If you’re new to the custom, think Valentine’s Day but without the chocolate. Instead, boys and girls will trade Pepero sticks to each other as a sign of affection. Though celebrated mostly amongst couples and students, Pepero Day is a nationally recognized holiday, and as a testament to it’s grandness, many companies can see an enormous economic spike in their sales. Lotte, the maker of the Pepero brand, reports that it makes 50% of its annual sales on Pepero Day. And that’s just Lotte! Many other companies, such ArtBox, Korea’s leading stationery gift shop, also profits from the holiday by making Pepero-custom envelopes etc.

pepero 7-11

A Pepero Day-themed stall sells gifts in front of a 7-11 chain in Korea.

       Pepero Day is celebrated on the 11th of November and is said to have started when two female middle school students exchanged Pepero sticks, in hopes to become tall and thin like the snack. Some also believe that if you were to eat 11 Pepero sticks at 11:11am and 11:11pm in 11 seconds, respectively, the results of growing taller and slimmer are maximized! It’s also speculated that the origins lie in how the number 1 resembles a Pepero stick, and so the 11th month and 11th day of the year became Pepero Day. Rumors also have it that Pepero Day was originated from a marketing fad created by Lotte.  

pepero 2

More cute Pepero designs!

       No matter where Pepero Day’s origins began, the holiday has become a national phenomena and a immense success for Korea and it’s people. Pepero Day has created huge economic benefits, captured many hearts, and will continue to do so for a long time to come. We here at KPOP-TV know we will be exchanging affection-induced Pepero skinny sticks with our loved ones soon. Will you?