As 2015 has come to an end, we at KPOP-TV would like to share with you our personal favorite music videos from this past year. Are you ready? Music start!

Like OOH-AHH – Twice

What’s not to like? A great video with exciting visuals and a great groove to the track. In a few months since their debut they’ve already been nominated for Artist of the Year at the Mnet Asian Music Awards.

I – Taeyeon (feat. Verbal Jint)

The music video and song are just absolutely beautiful in her solo debut. Taeyeon’s vocals are amazing and Sones have waited long enough for it.

Eat – Zion. T

The music video may be just normal, but this song is will be circling around in your head! As a relatively new hip hop artist, Zion. T is not your average K-pop idol, but his songs have given him respect in the music industry. 

Closer –  Oh My Girl

The cute fairytale-like music video makes it very pleasing to watch and the scenery is on point!  Let’s all come closer to K-pop!

Awesome – N.Flying

This is the first group to do a hip-hop concept with an instrumental band and the beat of the song gets you really hyped up. You’re not sure if you want to rock out to the guitar solo or jam to the amazing rap.

Call Me Baby – EXO

Catchy song with great energy and synchronization between the members, especially when they weave in and out of the choreography. They seemed to have a lot fun shooting this and showcased their individual personalities more. Even though we’ve seen the music video so many times, we’re always thinking about how smooth those camera transitions are!

4 Walls – f(x)

We love how the video messes with your mind. The girls came back strong after losing a member. They look amazing. And the song is immediately catchy but doesn’t get old quickly. Plus, the sound is rare among K-pop songs. It suits f(x) perfectly.

So Dangerous – UP10TION

UP10TION shows us a powerful debut with an intense dance!

Paradise Lost – Gain

Filled with the foreboding sounds of a church organ and featuring Gain’s snake-like dance, “Paradise Lost” is sure to lure in fans!

Heart Attack – AOA

It’s a catchy, fun, and addictive song. It has such a refreshing sound to it and it screams summer. The lyrics are super cute and so is the dance. What more can you want?!

Bae Bae- Big Bang

Big Bang is back! Each member has their own time to shine in this artistic video that has been carefully thought out. An added plus is Big Bang’s goofy side that comes out while they dance around on the moon in this exaggerated universe.