On Friday, January 8th, Apink held their Pink Memory North American tour in San Francisco. The fans were so grateful to see their beloved girl group thanks to KpopMe who produced this event.

The fans were incredibly supportive, They showed lots of energy, cheering, singing along, and shouting the fan chants. Apink returned that energy to the crowd with their cute and entertaining personalities. They played with each other on stage and they interacted with the audience as much as they could, making cute gestures to the fans and jokes throughout the show.

Apink put impressive efforts into connecting with their San Francisco fans. They spoke in English to the fans as often as possible. Everyone was especially impressed at Naeun’s fluency.

Afterward, the girls continued their flawless performance, singing live and showing off how each individual member has solid vocal talent.

The fans also received a special performance about halfway through the show. The Apink cover contest winners introduced themselves to the crowd and then proceeded with their dance cover of “NoNoNo”, “Hush”, and “Luv”.

It was a great show all around. Be sure to catch our coverage of Apink on our weekly TV broadcast on Channel 32-6.

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