Are you guys and gals ready for Valentine’s Day? In South Korea, the guys are in luck because February 14th is when the women gift men with chocolates to show their affection. It’s also the perfect time for the single ladies to confess their love!

Men who received chocolates return the favor on White Day, which falls on March 14. White Day is not limited to gifting chocolate, as the guys will present the ladies with gifts such as flowers, sweets, jewelry, or special outings. Sound familiar? White Day is quite similar to the Valentine’s Day we experience here in the United States.

BTS Jimin with Valentine's Day chocolates

Jimin of BTS with the Valentine’s chocolates they received last year!

Valentine’s Day and White Day are only two of the many love-themed holidays celebrated in South Korea. The 14th of every month is actually a different holiday for couples to commemorate their love (with some dedicated to the singles out there as well!) This means that 13 days of the year, including Pepero Day on November 11th, are reserved for showing affection to loved ones! Interested in learning more? Check out the full list of romantic holidays on Korea’s official tourism site.