Each year, CAAMFest provides a platform for Asian and Asian American artists to tell their stories through film, music, and food. This year’s festival runs from March 10 to March 20, with venues located in San Francisco and Oakland.

One of the highlights of CAAMFest 2016 is Directions in Sound: Korean Showcase. Directions in Sound brings innovative artists to the Bay Area to exhibit their talents to new audiences. The four acts being featured in the Korean Showcase are Big Phony, HEO, WYM, and Love X Stereo, who are all making names for themselves in the flourishing Korean indie music scene.


Directions in Sound: Korean Showcase takes place on March 11 at 9PM at Gray Area Foundation for the Arts, 2665 Mission Street, San Francisco.

To purchase tickets and learn more information about CAAMFest 2016, visit their website.

Watch “The Hours” by Big Phony.

Watch “Hide and Seek” by Love X Stereo.