Last month, we talked about about how girls give chocolates to guys on Valentine’s Day in Korea. Soon, it will be time for the guys to return the favor! White Day is coming up on March 14th, and it’s supposedly even more extravagant than Valentine’s Day. 

The origins of White Day date back to 1977, when Japanese confectioner Ishimura Manseido tried to market its white marshmallows as sweets men could give to women who showered them with presents on Valentine’s Day. “Marshmallow Day” was not exactly successful, but the Japanese National Confectionary Industry Association decided to make March 14th an “answer day” for Valentine’s Day. The day became known as White Day for the color of the marshmallows and to denote pure, sweet love. 

The holiday became so popular in Japan that it spread to China, Taiwan, and South Korea. On White Day, it is considered proper social etiquette for a guy to give gifts to any girl who presented him with a gift during Valentine’s Day. Some even follow the sanbai gaeshi rule, which translates to “thrice the return” and refers to the expectation for men to return a gift of at least two or three times the value of what they received. If a guy returns a gift equal in value, it may be a signal for ending the relationship, so be sure to gift thoughtfully!

G-Dragon with gift

Photo via J. Estina. G-Dragon showing how it’s done!

Customary gifts are usually white-themed presents such as white chocolate, roses, lingerie, and marshmallows. Today, the gift options have expanded tremendously to include gifts that don’t necessarily have to be white. Assorted chocolates and candies, cookies, and jewelry are all common presents that often come in cute packaging designed specifically for the holiday. 

Chupa Chups Bouquet

Image via GS Shop. Not sure what to get? How about a Chupa Chups bouquet? Chupa Chups is actually the most-sold candy on White Day!

Around this time, many Kpop idols also show their love and appreciation for their fans. Be sure to look out for messages from your favorite Kpop idols wishing you “Happy White Day!” Some groups like CNBlue and 2PM have even personally put together little gifts of candy and flowers to give out to lucky fans. 

BTS's Jimin with White Day lollipops.

Last month, we posted a pic of BTS’ Jimin with his Valentine’s chocolates. Here’s one of him during a previous White Day with a special message to his fans!

Watch 2PM have fun making gifts for their fans!

If you don’t have a special someone to celebrate White Day with, be sure to check back with us next month for a holiday devoted for the singles! For now, how about filling the void with some Kpop? We’ll leave you with a song by Girl’s Day, called “White Day” to fit with the theme of this post. And remember, you can always find more awesome music videos curated by our Kpop-lovin’ VJs on our TV channel, 32-6!