The Los Angeles premiere of Viki’s original drama series, “Dramaworld” was met with anticipation and excitement from Korean drama fans. The attendees of the the premiere were treated to a screening of the first three episodes of “Dramaworld.” K-drama fans in the audience laughed at the jokes and cheered whenever a Hallyu star made a cameo on screen.

Following the screening was a Q&A session with the cast and director. A fun after-party wrapped up the night.

dramaworld premiere 2

Q&A session with the cast and director.

“Dramaworld” is a unique mash-up of Korean drama romance and tension combined with American humor and storytelling. The series revolves around K-drama fan Claire Duncan. With the help of a mysterious supernatural power, she gets sucked into her favorite drama. Everything she’s ever known on screen has now come to life where she lives and breathes the same air as her favorite characters.

dramaworld premire 3

Actress Liv Hewson, who stars as Claire Duncan and actor Sean Dulake, who pays Joon Park on the red carpet.

Korean drama fans worldwide will surely enjoy this original series. Watch “Dramaworld” on Viki.

Many thanks to KPOP-TV’s Zoe for the photos! Read about her experience at the premiere on her blog here.