Every great summer needs a great soundtrack; one that you can blast as you go on vacation, take trips to the beach, and stay out all night. We’ve collected six songs that embody all of the great things about summer. From cutesy concepts to killer beats, this playlist has it all! Are you ready?

1.     GOT7 – Home Run 

Let GOT7 kickstart your summer off the right way! “Home Run” definitely hits it out of the park with its adorable dance routine, matching outfits, and little baseball references. If this song doesn’t make you want to go outside and play ball, no song will!

 2.     Twice – Cheer Up

There’s nothing better than a summer love, and Twice’s “Cheer Up” encapsulates the bubbly feeling of ‘mildang’ in a song with fast beats and sweet dancing. The video’s fun, movie-switching concept also has the members switching from wearing dresses to gun holsters and everything in between.

3.     B.A.P – Feel So Good 

Having the best time ever with your friends is what summer is all about, and B.A.P’s “Feel So Good” is a perfect example. Their cute, bright clothes and silly music video concept where they dance in the street and push each other in shopping carts make you can’t help but want to party with your friends just like the members do. 

4.     Red Velvet – Ice Cream Cake

What’s more quintessentially summer than ice cream? Truthfully, this song may be about a little more than ice cream cake, but just like ice cream, it’s sweet and addicting nonetheless. I scream, you scream, gimme that gimme that ice cream!


“Bang Bang Bang” is the ultimate party song. No exceptions. Whether it’s a night out or just dancing around in your living room, Big Bang’s infamous track is the go-to for having a great time. From the moment you put it on and the beat kicks in, it’s dancing time.

6.     BTS – Fire

Summer is all about hot temperatures, so “Fire” by BTS is a natural choice. Its thick, trap beat, slow building bridge, and buzzing synthesizers all come together to create an epic song that you’ll want to blast all summer long. Add amazing choreography, flawless rapping, and a strange but charming music video, and it’s the complete package.

This post was written by our guest blogger, Emlyn Travis.