It’s the night before the concert. You’ve got your outfit planned and tickets printed, but you’re unsure about what else to bring. Have no fear, we at KPOP-TV have you covered on the five most essential things you need to bring to a K-pop concert aside from important things like your wallet and keys!


One of the coolest things about going to a K-pop concert is the sea of dancing light sticks the crowd creates. From BIGBANG’s yellow crowns to GOT7’s green birds, each group has their own signature light stick for their fans to purchase to show their support. You can pick up your own by pre-ordering it ahead of the show, or as a cheaper option, you can purchase regular glow sticks in your favorite group’s color.

Fan Letters:

Upon entering the venue, you can often locate either a kiosk or a staff member holding a large box for fan letters. Whether you’re writing a love letter to your bias or to the entire group, this is the perfect way to send your love to them, especially if you weren’t able to snag meet and greet or hi-touch tickets. Oppa, hwaiting!

Portable Charger:

Picture this: you’re outside of the concert waiting in line all day. To pass the time, you listen to music, scroll through your Facebook feed, Instagram, YouTube, and play a few levels of EXO RUN. When the show finally starts, instead of getting pictures of your bias, you phone just shows the blank, dead battery sign. Don’t let it happen to you! Portable chargers are relatively cheap and provide that extra kick your phone needs to stay alive so that you can record your favorite song and Snapchat to your heart’s content without worry.

Fan Sign:

Want to show your dedication in a more fun, creative way? Bring a fan sign! The possibilities with a fan sign are endless. You can make them in various sizes, shapes and colors, and you can even make them light up if you are extra crafty. Not only are they a great conversation starter while waiting in line, but they’re also a cool way to get noticed by your idols. Just have fun with it!


This one is tricky because some shows regulate what size and type of backpack you’re allowed to bring into the venue, if you’re allowed to at all. The shows I’ve attended have allowed small bags. It’s likely you’ll also receive flyers, merchandise or little fan chant signs from other fans that you will want to keep, so having an extra place to store goods is a must!

This post was written by our guest blogger, Emlyn Travis.