For those K-pop fans who do not want to take long-haul flights to Korea and spend on expensive air tickets and hotels, they can consider visiting Koreatown in Manhattan.

Koreatown was established in 1980 with a few restaurants and a bookstore. Since then, businesses have flourished and this location now houses well over 100 small businesses including restaurants and shops. Manhattan’s Koreatown serves well over 200,000 Korean Americans in the New York City Metropolitan area and hence, resulting in the creation of the second largest congregation of ethnic Koreans (outside Korea).

The streets in Koreatown was officially named Korea Way.  Here, visitors can find attorney, dental, and medical offices, bakeries, bars, bookstores, cell phone providers, grocery store, hair and nail salons, Korean cuisine and fusion restaurants, and nightclubs. Most businesses open 7 days a week.

At this location, visitors can often find themselves immersed in various aspects of the Korean culture. For one, those who work and live here speak mostly Korean and they will not hesitate to talk to anyone in English. They also conduct their businesses politely. Next, many shops play K-pop music all day long in Koreatown. Visitors will soon realize this uniqueness after stepping into the different establishments, and identifying with their favorite singers or songs.

This post was written by our guest blogger, Caroline Yeung. 

Caroline has over 18 years of communication experience through working with technology and consumer companies. In recent years, she has developed interest in different areas including K-pop and Korean culture.