Right around the time of Chuseok was the 24th Korean Day Cultural Festival held this year in Union Square. I had the opportunity to be one of the models in the Hanbok Fashion Show, which really helped me get into the Chuseok spirit!!!

Once I had on the traditional dress, I felt like a princess in a historical drama, all I needed was Kim Soo Hyun playing my leading man and it would have been perfect. Since there are many parts to the dress, two women had to help me put it on. There was the metal petticoat that made the skirt keep its stiff and puffy figure, the outer-skirt that had to be tied intricately in the front, and the long-sleeve top. I was one of the lucky girls who got to wear the transparent material, while others had to wear thick long-sleeves (definitely not built for the 90 degree weather we had that day).

Ari at Hanbok Fashion Show

One thing I learned was not to eat in the designer hanbok! In retrospect, that rule seems very obvious, but doing a lot of waiting in the sun makes you lose all common sense and when someone offers you a refreshing sorbet, your first instinct is to eat it. After my first few bites, I was told to put my sorbet down. Haha, my bad.

This actually wasn’t my first time modeling hanbok. Two years ago, I was able to participate in the Greta Lee Hanbok Fashion Show, which was coincidentally the first time I met KPOP-TV. Even then, I felt like a total princess.

Going on stage, the nerves I had earlier completely disappeared and I just walked and smiled with the mindset of a hotshot. TBH, I thought I looked super cute in my hanbok, lol, so I just made the stage my runway. Tyra Banks would be so proud.  I couldn’t believe the show was over so fast! I wanted to wear my hanbok forever.

Another memorable thing that happened to me that day was when a viewer of KPOP-TV walked by me saying, “You’re Ari from KPOP-TV!” That got me so shook, that I wasn’t even able to give a coherent reply. Fortunately, she came up to me again and even asked to have a picture with me because she enjoys watching me on TV. (Excuse me while I go cry!!!!!)

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