Longboarding traces its origins back to the 1950s Hawaii. Because surfers would use longboarding as an opportunity to “surf” on land when the waves were down, it was also known as “sidewalk surfing”. Longboards are traditionally used as a mode of transportation. They are longer than skateboards and tricks are done while cruising down the streets.

South Korea’s Ko Hyojoo’s videos of her longboarding in Seoul have gone viral online. Her graceful moves have put a spotlight on South Korea in the longboarding world. The Han River in Seoul is a popular destination to take a longboard ride on the long stretch walkways.

Enjoy some select videos that showcase Korea’s mark in longboarding!

Watch Ko Hyojoo’s smooth moves as she longboards in Korea!

Watch Jong Shin Yoon’s music video for  “Empty City” that features longboarders gliding down the streets in Korea.