Ever so often, we discover amazing artists whose music we can’t wait to share with you! Today, we would like to introduce singer-songwriter Sophia Pae (Pae Su Jung), who has captivated us with her stunning voice and undeniable song-writing prowess.

You may remember Sophia as the runner-up on MBC’s Birth of a Great Star 2, but did you know Sophia went on to become a songwriter at Iconic Sounds? She has written and composed music for familiar names, including Sistar, Eric Nam, Miss A, Girls’ Generation, and more! Check out our playlist below to hear some of the songs Sophia has helped write. Perhaps you have been a fan of Sophia’s work all this time! We’re sure you’re curious to know more about Sophia, so we’ll be featuring her on our site all week!

1. The Ark – The Light

Okay, seriously. We love this song. It has an incredibly catchy chorus and is definitely a song to save for those days when you need comfort and empowerment. The heartbreaking music video gives us a glimpse of a relatable mother-daughter relationship affected by tragedy. Even in painful moments that seem impossible to overcome, the lyrics offer words of strength and reassurance to those experiencing grief. We couldn’t agree more with the song’s message about appreciation and leaning on one another.

2. Eric Nam – Melt My Heart

You know how much we love Eric Nam (#emric), but this track is one of our favorites! We’re still smiling and bobbing our heads after listening to such a sweet and funky tune.

3. Sistar – Good Time

We’re having a good, no GREAT time listening to this song! When you feel like dancing or want to hear something upbeat, this is your jam!

4. Miss A – Stuck

Another easy-listening song to just chill to any day! Are you seeing a trend? Sophia works her musical magic on everything — all these songs will get stuck in your head!


5. Girls’ Generation – Sailing (0805)

Yes, even Girls’ Generation enlisted the talents of Sophia for their 9th anniversary single! Not only did Sophia write the song, but she even lent her lovely voice to the backing vocals!

The final verdict: Sophia has done many incredible collaborations with some of the biggest stars in k-pop. She charms us with songs that we wouldn’t mind listening to when we’re taking a walk, studying, having a slow day at work, sitting at home, driving around…okay, we could listen to this playlist anywhere, anytime. But that’s not all! When you actually hear Sophia herself singing, your ears will melt. So be sure to check back soon, because we will be diving into her work as a singer next!