Coming to KPOP-TV soon! Tune in to channel 32-6 for the television premiere of the movie Infinity & Chashu Ramen.  Beginning October 22, it will be shown in 4 episodes on the weekends at 11:00pm preceded by exclusive interviews from the cast and crew.

Infinity & Chashu Ramen follows the actions of two spirits, Tenshi, a mischievous 400 year old, and Lucy, a young spirit from the 1940s. Without being heard or seen, they roam San Francisco’s Japantown, as they follow the residents who go about their daily business. It’s not easy being a spirit as they attempt to keep the world running smoothly.

This movie was filmed on location in San Francisco’s Japantown. If you have ever visited the shops and eateries there, you might recognize some of the locations they’ve filmed at!

Sit back, and relax, and enjoy Infinity & Chashu Ramen!