On September 22nd, S.M. Station released its latest track, “Cosmic”. The song is a collaboration between Ryeowook of Super Junior and Bada of S.E.S, a former S.M. girl group from the 90s. Since Ryewook has been a long-time fan of S.E.S, many are joking that this collaboration represents Ryewook achieving his fanboy dreams!

Both the track and music video have been well-received by fans, particularly with Super Junior’s fan group E.L.F. Ryeowook is set to enlist in the army on October 11th, so many fans see this as Ryeowook’s last gift to them before he leaves.

The emotional and powerful track showcases Ryewook and Bada’s strong vocals and beautiful harmonization. As the title suggests, the song makes references to stars, dreams, and time. With lyrics that speak about separation and the perseverance of love across the universe, “Cosmic” seems like the perfect song to leave with fans.

Check out “Cosmic” below and the stunning music video, which contains galaxy imagery and a simple storyline between two people who wander aimlessly and eventually find each other.

Did you enjoy “Cosmic”? Fun fact: this track was co-written by Sophia Pae, whom we recently interviewed in Seoul. If you like this song, be sure to check out our playlist of other songs Sophia has worked on!