2016 has been a year filled with AMAZING K-pop songs! It was a tough decision, but our KPOP-TV staff hand picked their personal favorites of this past year. What was your favorite this year?


Don’t Believe(안 믿을래) – Berry Good

Not a usual K-pop sound. So refreshing!


Navillera(너 그리고 나) – GFRIEND

The song just sticks in our heads all day and night, but we don’t mind it!

No Doubt (노답)- VAV 
If you can get past the cheesy English lyrics (that eventually become really catchy), the backtrack is A1 and the music video is so beautiful for the eyes. We hope that they can gain more recognition in 2017 🙂


Without You – NCT U

This song will suck you into the fandom and ruin your life! Also, its chorus is catchy and we love the rock edge to it.


Hard Carry(하드캐리) – GOT7

The whole song is very energetic as well as the dancing!


Tell Me What To Do – SHINee

It’s such a beautiful song that shows their talents, the music video is like art, Minho is really flaming charisma, and Taemin pulls out a gun while everyone’s just trying to have a good time.


Press Your Number – Taemin

He wrote the lyrics, Bruno Mars composed the song, and the performance video of him dancing in the pouring rain will reduce you to tears. The music video was very cool too. Messing with your mind and making you question what is real.


Home – Ailee ft. Yoonmirae

The song is freaking amazing and we just love her!


A Lie(거짓말이야) – B1A4

The composing was done so well! We love how the MV shows to always cherish your significant other instead of lying about your feels~


Feelin’ – Ailee ft. Eric Nam

We’ve just been feelin’ this song 😉


Don’t Forget (잊어버리지마) – Crush ft. Taeyeon

This collaboration is just perfect with both their voices. Watching the video makes you want to stay in with a warm cup of hot chocolate.


Three Words (세 단어) – SECHSKIES

This veteran group made a comeback this year and we’re so happy for them!


Blood Sweat & Tears (피 땀 눈물) – BTS

They really broke out this year with amazing albums and title songs and they seriously worked so hard in their song writing, singing, dancing, and touring all over the world with their blood, sweat, and tears. They are so inspiring and consistently making awesome music and showing amazing performances~


Why So Lonely – Wonder Girls

The perfect song for the summer. This laid back jam never fails to put us in a good mood.


One Of These Nights (7월 7일) – Red Velvet

The video is a beautiful work of art. There is so much symbolism that it will blow you mind. (If you’re curious, look it up!)


Honorable Mentions: These songs were too good to leave out!
Secret (비밀이야) – COSMIC GIRLS (WJSN)
Oh NaNa – K.A.R.D
Bermuda Triangle – ZICO ft. Crush, Dean
Can’t Help Myself (못참겠어) – Eric Nam ft. Loco
Stalker – UKISS
Décalcomanie (데칼코마니) – MAMAMOO
Love (story) – S.E.S