We’ve got two quick and easy DIY ideas to help you show your k-pop fandom!

What you need when you go to a concert is a DIY phone case with your favorite group. You can insert a piece of paper (with your choice of color) into a clear phone case, so if you meet your idol, you can have him or her sign it! You might also want to put some cute little pictures on the side. That’s all you need to make something simple and easy.

You know what every k-pop fan wishes they had? Transfer paper! You can use it to customize a sweatshirt or jacket, backpack, and pillow with your favorite groups. Simply print out the pictures that you like on the transfer paper and iron them onto your gear. Done! Go show off your one-of-a-kind fashion to your friends and represent your k-pop fandom!

This post was written by our guest blogger, Christina Archibald.