When we first watched Dreamcatcher’s music video to “Chase Me”, we couldn’t help but notice the references to the classic horror movie, The Shining. Halloween is coming up and we’d thought it would be cool to share with you some fun details that these two have in common.  Spoiler alert! If you haven’t watched the music video or the movie, we suggest you do! 

Creepy members of Dreamcatcher haunting the ghost hunter. Chase me!

The creepy twins. “Come play with us Danny.”

Room 808 is quite mysterious. What could it be?

Room 237 has something creepy going on in there….

The ghost hunter in “Chase Me” uses an ax to break down the door to room 808 where he notices unusual ghost activity.

In The Shining, Jack chases down his wife and uses an ax to break down the door she’s hiding behind. “Here’s Johnny!”

The girls are eternally haunting the building and live through an ancient photo.

Even though he froze to death, the main character Jack is forever trapped at the Overlook Hotel.