From September 21 to December 9, Towson University’s Asian Arts and Culture Center is holding an interactive gallery exhibit called “The Korean Wave!” which explores the growth of South Korean entertainment as a global industry.

The gallery features posters of various K-pop groups, merchandise such as hand fans and lightsticks, and even a room-length timeline of important events in Korean entertainment history. You can take a video tour of the exhibition here. You can’t miss KPOP-TV’s contribution to the gallery, “The History of KPOP”, which is a documentary that chronicles the evolution of the K-pop industry from its initial start in the 1980s to present day. Check it out below: 

As the Hallyu wave continues to spread throughout the U.S. and other countries, it’s very exciting to see worldwide recognition for such fun and amazing music! KPOP-TV was honored to be contacted by Towson University and contribute this piece for the gallery! We hope viewers learned a lot about K-pop! 

Unfortunately, we couldn’t fit every artist in our video, so let us know which groups shaped your K-Pop history if we missed them in our introduction video!