Last April, Billboard reported that Smith tweeted about “dropping a K-Pop single in the next 4 months”.

The announcement caught a lot of fans by surprise as the 19-year old actor and musician relayed moments before that he had formed a band with his sister Willow and Odessa Adlon. He did not deny nor confirm though if his K-Pop single will include both girls. 

K-Pop is often covered in Western culture and its superstars have made notable experiences, fronting global fashion brands with an influence in the New York, London and Paris. In 2015, Chanel invited G-Dragon to be a part of their Fall Haute Couture fashion show while CL was requested by Vogue magazine in 2016 to rap for them in a special music video featuring the season’s latest fashions.

Smith has always had a liking for k-pop. ASZ News lists the Smith family as some of the Hollywood celebrities that have been bitten by the K-Pop bug. While in South Korea promoting their film After Earth in 2013, Smith and his dad dropped by YG Entertainment to meet two of their brightest talents, the aforementioned G-Dragon and CL.

The family strengthened their ties to K-Pop when Will asked Jay Park to sing “I Like To Party” for the Korean release of After Earth. Seoul Sync reported that Jay Park was chosen by Will Smith out of the many suggestions made by the film’s producer: his brother-in-law whose wife is Korean. 

Fast-forward to December 2016, Jaden Smith expressed his admiration for G-Dragon when he tweeted that the South Korean rapper was his ‘inspiration’. Speculation of his expected venture into K-Pop began when the latter replied to the tweet, ending with “Let’s do something.”

Still, details of the purported single have not been publicized and whether it would indeed be a collaboration with G-Dragon or any other K-Pop star/group. If his plans come to fruition, Smith will be one of the first Western artists to try their hand at K-Pop and the single will essentially be a good gauge if Western musicians can potentially succeed in the competitive South Korean music industry.

Jaden Smith is already a popular figure in American pop culture as a rapper, actor, and a highly outspoken personality. His father, Will Smith, is an even bigger star who is currently one of the most in demand actors in Hollywood.

Aside from his acting skills, however, Will Smith is an accomplished performer, too. In fact, he has featured on many of his movie’s soundtracks.

A notable example was his movie Wild Wild West, an adaptation of a 1960s TV show that helped renew the interest in the Western movie genre in 1999. Will Smith starred in the film as well as writing and performing its main theme song, which reached #4 in the Billboard 200 chart.

Due to the steampunk Western’s success, mostly thanks to Will Smith’s starring role, Western influenced entertainment mediums, shows and movies began sprouting up out of nowhere again. Amusement parks like Sweden’s High Chaparral, and even a Wild Wild West online slots game that drew influence from the 1999 film also starring Kenneth Branagh and Kevin Kline all emerged years after.

Nonetheless, Wild Wild West was far from Smith’s best work. The Oscar nominated actor also starred in other blockbuster films such as Independence Day, Men In Black, and The Pursuit of Happyness, the last of which was with his son Jaden.

Taking into account the support of his talented father, it’s easy to see how Jaden got to be such a talented young performer. And K-Pop could well be his next big venture.