By Kendra Caesar

It’s been an incredible two years watching Twice grow from mere trainees on JYP’s survival show Sixteen to the dynamic force they are today. Considered one of the current generation’s best girl groups, the nine member group who debuted in 2015 have captured the hearts of  fans around the globe with their charm, energy, and their catchy title tracks. With comeback tracks like “Cheer Up”, “TT”, and “Signal”, it’s hard to deny the signature Twice chorus that draws a listener in immediately. 

The hooks get even stronger in their first full-length album, Twicetagram, very cutely named after their Instagram account. In addition to consistent hit singles, the songs on Twicetagram provide insight into the member’s personalities, much like they do on their shared social media.

Members ChaeyoungJeongyeonDahyunJihyo, and Nayeon contributed lyrics to four of the 13 tracks, while members Momo and Sana created parts of the choreography for the title track “Likey“.

Twice debuted in 2015 after they won the JYP idol survival reality program, Sixteen.

Speaking of “Likey”: we really likey likey likey this song. Whenever Twice and producer Black Eyed Pilseung work together, it never goes wrong; in the past, they’ve worked together on addicting, Internet viral tracks “OOH-AHH”, “Cheer Up”, and “TT”.

When producing, Black Eyed Pilseung always manage to play to each members’ strengths while still providing proper spotlight on each member. It’s easy to distinguish each member’s part in “Likey”, almost like they split the song into each girl’s own mini-song to come together like a magical, Sailor Moon transformation into an amazing super-song.

The video is notable for being filmed in Vancouver, Canada, which is an interesting choice but provides fun, exciting scenery. The scene where Nayeon is riding her bike is known for having a large Korean community, so it must’ve felt special for the girls to film there too.

The colors and saturation in “Likey” are also consistent with past video effects, maintaining the brightness and high color saturation that Twice normally uses. Jihyo should also receive credit: often with a recorder, the footage she filmed of herself and other members were included in the video!

Twicetagram features 13 tracks that are “pop at its purest”. Its a fun album that shows off so many different sides of the members: they can be bubbly (“Missing U”); they can be touching (“Turtle”); they can be cool (“24/7”); and they can provide healing (“You in My Heart”).

The stand out tracks within Twicetagram have to be the roller rink jam “Rollin’“, the sweet “Turtle“, and the ’80s throwback “Look at Me” which was written and co-composed by their senior and former Wonder Girls member, Hyelim. 

Twicetagram truly feels like the start of a new exploration of sound and concept for Twice. The group’s energy in each track is so peppy and catchy that it’s impossible to not feel happier while listening to each track on the album. Combined with amazing talent, strong choreography, and adorable music videos, it’s easy to see why everyone likeys Twice.

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