Happy Birthday Onew!

His clumsiness can get him into trouble sometimes (okay, maybe a lot of times), but any true SHAWOL can agree that Onew still deserves lots of love on his birthday!

The SHINee leader has been through a lot during the group’s almost ten-year-long career, including surgery to remove polyps on his vocal chords and multiple injuries. Nevertheless, he always gives 110% in his performances and is dedicated to the fans and younger group members.

So in celebration of his 27th, sit back and enjoy the many sides of Onew. Happy Birthday, Onew!

Emotional Onew – “Rainy Blue”

Our first pick for best Onew live performances is so powerful, he even brings himself to tears! Imagine being in the crowd!

Giggling Duet Onew – “Lullaby”

Onew’s laugh is infectious as he tries to keep a straight face during this soft and sweet duet with Rocoberry for their SM Station.

Show Off Onew – “Friends”

Onew can hold a single note like it’s the easiest thing in the world, and he’s not afraid to show it! 

Singing Chef Onew –  “In Your Eyes”, SHINee’s One Fine Day

A multi-talented idol, Onew will even break into song while cooking if someone asks him to! In fact, he’ll sing anytime…anywhere!

Singin’ the Classics Onew – “How Deep Is Your Love”

This 70’s ballad seems to have been made for him. His English-speaking skills are spot-on!

In honor of his birthday, what is your favorite Onew live performance? Comment below!

This post was written by our guest blogger, Katie Garcia.