Once again BTS has created another bop with one of their newest singles, “DNA”. They even performed it at their first live stage in America in November at the American Music Awards!  Here are some of our favorites. Music start!

The dancing genes definitely run in the members of Koreos. The precise camera work and the coordinated outfits make this cover look like a dance version of the actual “DNA” music video!

Leon’s guitar cover is so soothing you could have it on replay all day while studying.

Violinist DSharp really puts his own energetic flair on this bop. Translating the rap verses into violin melodies can be tricky but he does it justice!  

Kevin & Karla from Chile created an awesome Spanish cover of “DNA”!  Being the English speakers we are, their rendition flows way better in Spanish compared to English. We need to get BTS to sing their cover if they visit Chile someday.

Introducing……rubber chicken, the 8th member of BTS! Watch out rap and vocal line, this chicken is our new bias. For sure.