For new and longtime fans of Korean pop music and culture, 24-Hr KPOP-TV is now available on the newly-launched LocalBTV app. This free app, powered by mobile app and web service company Didja, brings over 30 local channels — including KPOP-TV — to mobile devices and computers located in all Bay Area counties.

KPOP-TV CEO Kelly Quan says that the benefits of the app “allow everyone to enjoy KPOP-TV’s 24-hour music content from the convenience of their phone or tablet”, providing viewers an experience similar to radio and not limiting them to only watching on their televisions at home.

Another benefit to the app is that it is not limited to KPOP-TV viewing, but “[…] you can [also] quickly swipe with the flick of your thumb and channel-surf through more than 30 other channels, giving you a superior channel surfing experience that isn’t available anywhere else.” It is easily accessible through mobile devices and tablets through app stores, and through web browsers on the BayAreaBTV website.

Visit to sign up for web browser viewing. On Google Play, App Store (Apple), and other app stores, search for “LocalBTV”, download the app, and look for our channel. All of it is free!

Help us spread the word! Send the YouTube video above or this second video to friends, family, classmates, co-workers — everyone! Let them know KPOP-TV is in their area!