Become A KPOP-TV Underwriter

KPOP-TV is the first terrestrial broadcaster in the country that broadcasts K-POP Music, Entertainment, and Entertainment News 24hrs a day.  No other station in America is like KPOP-TV!

We serve to inform, enlighten, and explain all things K-POP to our loyal viewers. We also introduce a small bit of Korean Culture to our viewers so that they can better enjoy what they experience in the K-Dramas or in the K-POP music videos on our media outlets!

The cost to obtain, produce, and maintain our unique brand of programming is enormous and we do not run commercials!  Instead we seek out partnerships with companies that would like to be seen by our viewers as K-POP and K-Drama centric contract no date

Our corporate partners benefit from exposure to over 2.5million households in the San Francisco and Silicon Valley area.  This is a target audience of people that love all things Hallyu and that turn to us to learn about K-Pop fashion, music, shopping, and entertainment.  Join with giant companies such as MNET, CJ E&M, Verizon, Sony Music, PG&E, YesAsia, who recognize the value of supporting K-POP and know that the Korean Hallyu Wave has swept the entire world already, and is just starting it’s journey across North America now.

Consider becoming a corporate underwriter or donor to KPOP-TV and be seen by millions of viewers as a patron of K-POP, K-Drama and all things Hallyu.  This is for now.  It is for real. There will only be one time in America where you can get on at the beginning of the Hallyu wave and benefit from being with the first group of visionaries!