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KCON 2017 LA

  See what KPOP- TV was up to at KCON 2017 in Los Angeles! Here are a few highlights from the numerous panels, guest speakers, and concerts. https://...

KPOP Battles at SacAnime Summer 2016

SacAnime was filled with creative cosplayers, special guests, and everything anime. One of the events that brought KPOP-TV here was Kpop Battles! KPOP-TV's Eden...



Eden enjoys eatin’, loves long walks in the chip aisle, and is half girl half potato. She’s a standing and laughing enthusiast, because she believes that they both burn calories. Her ideal men are Xiumin from EXO and Junsu from JYJ, and hopes to become a KPOP idol soon so she can marry one of, or both of her idols so they can have tons of kids to create their own band like the Partridge family.