Jin Kim


Jin Kim loves to dance! He first discovered hip hop at the age of 17, and hasn’t stopped loving it since.

He currently works with professional dance teams in the Bay Area as a dancer and choreographer. Jin teaches classes for all age groups at In The Groove Studios in Oakland and other dance studios in the Bay Area.

Jin’s dance journey began with a summer intensive workshop hosted by Funkanometry SF in 2008. He quickly became obsessed and joined Funksters SF the following year. Since then, Jin has danced with several teams including MK Modern, BLVCKLISTED, Project M, and Groove Against the Machine. He is currently dancing with Project M and Groove. Jin likes to say that dancing gave him confidence, and is responsible for turning a quiet and awkward boy into the confident and crazy person that he is now. Dance has brought Jin amazing experiences including being in commercials and music videos, performing in flash mobs, and even international travel for backup dancing in China.

Love for music and dance are what fuel Jin’s movement. He is always looking to learn something new, and loves to share art and ideas with everyone around him. He wants to invite you to dance with him and discover the wild crazy dancer inside of you!

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Contact:  jin.kim1019@gmail.com

Photo credit: Michael “Mappy” Mappala